SafeGuard steps are highly visible, sturdy and are waterproof


Coated commercial boat decks provide a safe working platform


From slippery stainless to a safe worksurface


A beautiful and long lasting Massport loading ramp


Surface Protection and Safety has been the premier finishing and slip-resistance expert in the Northeastern United States for almost two decades. We are specialists in all the latest Coatings, Waterproofing and Membrane installations. We apply only the highest quality and accredited materials. The latest green coatings are always our first choice.
Our Commercial applications include lobbies, manufacturing plants, restaurants, recreational facilities and more...


Our Residential applications provide great beauty as well as safe surfaces. We specialize in walkway, pool decks, and stair treads.
Non-skid surfaces are essential for all wheelchair ramps. Membrane coatings for garages and basements not only have great looks, but also provide a great cushion for the feet.
Sealing exterior concrete surfaces extends the life of your surfaces and retains a higher home resale value.


Anyone who has owned or enjoyed a boat knows how important it is for safe docks and decks.
Surface Protection and Safety has a long list of applications for work boats, ramps, docks and wheelhouses.
In the maritime work it is all about safety.
If you walk on it, work on it or play on it, a colorful, non-slip coating is the answer

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